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One of the biggest risks faced by homeowners is termites...

One of the biggest risks faced by homeowners is termites, which cause more damage each year than fires, storms, and earthquakes combined. If ignored, termites will potentially damage the structural integrity of your home.

Termites work quietly and invisibly, sawing joists in your floor, digging through your wall studs, sucking the life out your woodwork, and covering the damage until it's too late.


  • After inspection and analysis, we will include the best possible solutions for your specific situation. 
  • There are pesticide barriers, dust, and bait specially designed for termites and installed by licensed pest control technicians.
  • An in-soil pesticide barrier is added to the soil under and around the foundations. Dusts settle on termites and consume a pesticide and can kill the entire colony. Bait is eaten by termites and can kill the entire colony.
  • Physical and chemical barriers are designed to prevent termites.

Contract and One Time Pest Control Services

  • We provide a monthly and/or bimonthly (every other month) recurring pest control service in Dubai and contract for both domestic and industrial clients. Typical pests are most ants, roaches, termite bed bugs, paper wasp, and a number of other pests that are also common household pests.
  • One-time treatments typically come with a 30-day guarantee and our service charges depend on which pests are a threat and the size of the structure might be. The charges depend on the structure size.

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