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SJ Tech has a national system of storage sites

SJ Tech has a national system of storage sites. We suggest solutions not only for house moving but even for company space discharge and proper storage while on holiday or for special needs, occasions, and even for long-term lock-up; offering adequate storage facilities. Storing large household goods, such as furniture or office objects, is a basic storage service that includes packaging, packaging, storing, securing, and delivering when required – all done by SJ Tech.

Short-term Storage

Available and recommended while moving or renovating the home, storing the necessary items or office equipment, and here we give our simple storage service when collecting and transporting your packages to the new location. No matter the size of the products, we've got room for everything so that you can freely focus on storing new decorations while renovating or securing all the things while you're relocating.

Long-term Storage

Offered for a long-term need to store your items. No matter the size of your heritage, we'll find the right storage facility and keep it as long as you require it. The length of storage can be almost indefinite, from weeks to years, regardless of the intent of storing. It can be a seasonal booking of a storage facility when you want to store your products safely while on holiday, abroad on holiday, or in dislocation, and even a permanent storage facility for commercial use when you move for a job. This kind of service is common when you close your business or change your area of activity, and you need a specific store to free your working space.

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