Service Disinfection and Anti-Viral Cleaning Services

Alleviating the Spread of Anti-Viral Illness

We provide solutions that are focused on disinfection of all areas and surfaces of the residential and commercial areas. Our teams can use a wide variety of anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and disinfectant materials.

Our cleaners will focus on providing the same services and observe the same checklists, but they will only use products that disinfect surfaces and effectively destroy all germs/bacteria/viruses on contact. This extra is ideal if you want to make sure that all sorts of germs are killed in all parts of your home or office that you want to disinfection.

The difference between normal products and disinfectant products may be confusing. Regular soap-based products are effective at breaking down COVID-19 when rubbed to the surface.

When the soap is combined with the virus, it breaks down the wall of the virus, making it useless. Disinfectant products destroy the virus in contact, without mixing with the virus.

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